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Iceland Is A Great Destination, But It's Hard To Know Where To Start

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Iceland can be expensive and there are pitfalls when you’re planning your dream visit. Looking forward to your trip for months or even years, only to have it blemished by mistakes in planning or because some tour company dropped the ball can be very disappointing.

Our mission at Follow Me is to minimize the chances of any of that. We work hard to make sure all our visitors are informed and have all the right resources to make their dream trip to Iceland as wonderful as it can possibly be. It is our ongoing mission to help you make your visit truly unforgettable.

Why should you take our word for it?

About Us

Look, we know our stuff. We’re locals, we’ve been in this industry for years and we have very trusted partners who have proven time and time again that they provide some of the best services in Iceland. We are very diligent about making sure that our recommendations are good and relevant year after year, and we take great pride in our ability to help visitors make the most of their stay in Iceland. 

And that’s why we decided to create the Follow Me Guide to Iceland. It’s a no fluff electronic guidebook that you can open on any device, that gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions when you plan your trip, as well as great tips for when you’re already here. It’s paired down, so you can get through it pretty quickly, and it gives you a wealth of information that would otherwise require you to spend hours on research.

It’s important to do the research, too. Unfortunately, not all tour companies are created equal. It grieves us to tell you that we hear about way too many who put profits ahead of people, and greedily take advantage of travellers who put their trust in them. Now, that’s not to say that it’s a common thing, by any means, but even one such occurrence is one too many.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you so you can make informed choices and focus on what’s most important: Enjoying your trip.


We could probably make a few bucks by selling this book, but we want you to have it for free, because to us, the most important thing is to help you avoid any pitfalls during your visit. We take pride in our hospitality, and if we can help you make your visit truly unforgettable, that is what matters most.

  • One of the best free walking tours i had ever had. And i take them all the time i travel. A lot of fun, humour, very easily understandable. Eyvi is so great that he gave a lot of information by Facebook also, answered all questions me and my friends had. U know, that after some time facts u hear during tours dissapear but Eyvi’s stories easy to remember. Every fact about Icelandic way of living was wrapped in a fun story and saying Þetta reddast got stuck in our minds forever. We used it not once. Thanx and keep doing it. We wish u a lot of energy.

    Irina Alexandra
  • We’ve done a number of walking tours, including those of Edinburgh, Cardiff, York, Rome, Istanbul, Austin, Copenhagen, etc. Sometimes, things go wrong: the tour guide’s English is questionable; there are so many tourists you can barely hear the guide squeak; the tour is overly educational and therefore boring; the tour is too entertaining and by the end of it you are as clueless about the place in question as before the walk started. This tour, however, avoids all these traps and strikes a perfect balance. The language level and the humour, the size of the groups and the tour guide’s knowledgeability make this walk a delightful showcase of edutainment. Actually, while writing this review, I’ve realized I don’t know how long the tour was: one hour, one hour and a half, two hours? You just don’t notice time go by. Bravo!

    Karolina Stazyte
  • I stumbled about this walking tour in Reykjavik straight from the airport last June 25th, I was debating if I should or should not since I was so tired from flight and hungry. Luckily I did! Very informative and the guide was funny as hell! Made a good start of my long week in iceland memorable and started to suggest it to other travelers in my hotel.

    Yuriy Intelehator
  • Great walking tour – I’d recommend doing it at the start of your trip as they recommend LOADS of great things to do and see.

    Bryan Benito
  • Had a great time. We learned a lot of interesting facts about Reykjavik and we enjoyed every minute of the tour. The guide made a lot of jokes and had a lot of cool information. Must try!

    Georgie Palmer

Why Take Our Word For It?

Well, to put it frankly, we don’t have a horse in the race. This book is not a promotional brochure for our own products. Granted, we have a couple of our own tours listed in there (and we specify that very clearly), but for the most part, we are not promoting ourselves, but rather pointing out what we honestly believe are the best things to do. We are a tiny little two-man operation, and this is a passion project for us. We have partner companies, and full disclosure, we do make commissions from them, but we only work with people who we fully trust. If we ever find out from one of our guests that something we recommend doesn’t live up to our standards, we remove it from our guide. It’s that simple.

So we hope you’ll check out our free guide. It is a real labor of love, and we are very proud of it. If there’s anything you need, we hope you’ll get in touch, because we would love to help you out with anything.

We hope you’ll have a great time in Iceland, and that our free guide helps you make it even greater.

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