March 18

The Best Travel Accessories For A Trip To Iceland


Packing for a trip to Iceland is not like packing for other trips. Depending on the season, your travel bag will probably include things that you might not take on other trips. Read on to discover the essential travel accessories for Iceland.

Mini Daypack

A mini daypack can come in very handy on a trip to Iceland. Whether you plan to scale a glacier or spend the day soaking in a hot spring, you will need a pack to haul all of your essentials. The Fjallraven Kanken Mini Classic Backpack is a great choice as it has plenty of space for your wallet, phone, water bottle, and headphones — yet it is lightweight and easy to carry. This mini backpack is also water and dirt resistant, making it great for Iceland’s many outdoor activities.

Hiking and other day-long activities abound in Iceland, so be sure to bring a daypack. We tested two different day packs. The REI Flash 22 for light hikes and the Millican Smith Roll 25 Pack as a travel pack

Collapsible Water Bottle

Iceland has some of the best and freshest water anywhere in the world. Since most of the water in Iceland comes directly from springs, it is safe to drink right from the tap. It is naturally purified and free of calcium, nitrates, and chlorine. Therefore, save yourself the cost of buying water, and save plastic as well, by bringing along your own reusable travel bottle. The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle features a leak-proof cap. It is durable and portable. This bottle is collapsible so you can simply roll it up and stuff it in your carry on.

You could also check out our little Follow Me waterbottle, which is made of durable stainless steel, and will last a lifetime.

Travel Adapter

Iceland’s electrical outlets are different than the United States, so you might need an adapter if you plan to charge your cellphone and other electrical gadgets. Since the plug is different, you ’ll need a special electric adapter to fit your plug into the outlet in Iceland. You’ll need a European travel adapter. We recommend a universal, all-in-one adapter like this one, which can be used in more than 170 countries. It has three USB ports and an AC outlet.

Wool Socks

If you are planning to travel to Iceland in the winter, or even in the summer if you plan to do any amount of hiking or go camping, make sure you bring along a pair of merino wool socks. They wick moisture away from your feet, which keeps them dry and warm. We like the Landinn Icelandic Wool Socks by ICEWEAR. They are made of Icelandic wool and are attractive, comfortable and durable.

Rain Jacket

A rain jacket is a must in Iceland, especially if you plan to explore the many waterfalls. The weather can be very unpredictable in Iceland. It might be sunny one minute and rainy the next. So, it is helpful to bring along a travel rain jacket even on nice days. The Marmot Minimalist Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket is a good choice. It features Gore-TEX and Paclite Technology, which offers excellent weatherproofing. This jacket is lightweight and easily packable.

Waterproof Phone Case

Don’t forget to pack a waterproof phone case if you plan to visit any of the hot springs or thermal baths in Iceland. You’ll no doubt want to snap a couple of photos for your Instagram feed to make all of your friends jealous. The Aquapac ‘Classic’ Waterproof Phone Case will enable you to take lots of underwater selfies. It features a handy strap for easy carrying.

First Aid Kit

Always carry a first aid kit with you no matter where you travel. It is better to be safe than sorry. It can save you the expense of purchasing overpriced first aid supplies on your trip. Make sure it is stocked with bandages for small cuts or scrapes that you might get while hiking. Motion sickness tablets are helpful if you get queasy on airplanes. It can also be helpful to stock hand sanitizer, cold medicine, and a pain reliever. The Baynne Outdoor Travel First Aid Kit is great if you plan to do some glacier hikes or other extreme outdoor activities. It is waterproof and durable and easy to strap to your backpack.

Sleep Mask

If you are traveling to Iceland during the summer solstice, you will definitely want to pack a sleep mask as it never gets dark. If you are not used to the Midnight Sun, it can be almost impossible to sleep. Fortunately, a sleep mask will help you get plenty of rest and relaxation. The HappyLuxe Sleep Mask is a great option for travel. It is comfortable and lightweight.

Travel Conditioner

If you plan to visit the Blue Lagoon or another natural bath, it is essential to bring along a small bottle of deep conditioner. The water in these springs can contain high levels of silica, which is great for the skin but can dry out your hair. It can be almost hard to get the silica out of your hair if you do not apply conditioner beforehand. You’ll also want to apply a dollop to your hair after your dip in the hot springs. The T’zikal Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream with Ojon Oil is a great deep conditioner for restoring dry, damaged hair to a healthy natural state.

Travel Tripod

Iceland offers some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot intriguing gorgeous photos. A travel tripod is very helpful for landscape shots. If you plan to photograph the Northern Lights, it is a must. The Lightweight Aluminum Tripod Portable Travel Camera Stand by BONFOTO is a great choice. It offers a 360-degree swivel head so you can take photos at variable angles. It is easy to operate and folds up for travel.



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