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The Best Natural Baths in Iceland 


Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has plenty of natural hot baths to enjoy thanks to its location over vast reservoirs of naturally heated water. Iceland’s geothermal pools and natural hot springs can be enjoyed year round no matter what the weather. Many of these natural baths are located in stunningly beautiful areas. The Blue Lagoon is perhaps the most famous of Iceland’s natural baths but it is definitely not the only one. Here are the top natural baths in Iceland. 

The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon 

The Blue Lagoon is the most well-known geothermal bath in Iceland. The bright blue water of the lagoon is surrounded by volcanic rock. This creates a stunning backdrop perfect for relaxation. If you want to visit Iceland but only have a short amount of time, the Blue Lagoon is the perfect way to experience Iceland’s famous natural baths as it is located really close to the Keflavík International Airport. 

Mývatn Nature Baths

In the far Northeast region of the country is a manmade nature bath, Mývatn Nature Baths, which is dubbed the “Blue Lagoon of the north.” Myvatn Nature baths opened to the public in 2004. But, Icelanders have been bathing in the area for centuries. 

Like the Blue Lagoon, Mývatn Nature Baths has stunningly beautiful blue water that stays between 97 and 104 degrees Fareignheit. Due to its intimate and cozy vibe, Mývatn is the perfect escape for those looking for a romantic getaway. Thanks to its remote location away from the city lights, it is easy to catch frequent glimpses of the Northern Lights from this natural bath.  

There is a restaurant on site, as well as changing facilities. The admission fee for adults is just under $40 USD. Teenagers and senior citizens enjoy a reduced rate. 

Laugarvatn Fontana 

Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths is a great natural bath located very close to the famous Golden Circle route.  This thermal spa is located on the shores of Lake Laugarvatn, an area that is known for its natural beauty. 

There are several nice warm steam baths to enjoy, as well as several relaxing hot pools that vary in temperature, size, and depth. There is also a Finnish-style Sauna that boasts a large window with a lovely view of the lake and mountains outside. After bathing in the nice warm pools and steam baths, venture outside to the lake. You’ll walk along a beautiful black sand beach to take a dip in the cool waters of the lake. This refreshing temperature change makes the perfect end to a couple of hours at the spa. Cold bathing is a popular tradition in Iceland. It is said to help improve circulation and help those suffering from arthritis and other maladies.

When you visit Laugarvatn Fontana, don’t miss the famous geothermal baked bread, also known as lava bread. The area below the spa is so hot that bread is baked right in the ground. After it has finished baking underground for 24 hours, the bread is brought back into the spa where it is cut and served with fresh Icelandic butter. The bread is called rye but it tastes like sweet, warm pumpernickel. 

What to see in Iceland

Secret Lagoon 

The Secret Lagoon is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. The Secret Lagoon is located in a small village in South Iceland. If you want to avoid the crowds, a trip to the Secret Lagoon is a great way to do just that. It has a more authentic feel than some of the other natural baths in Iceland. Relax in the warm bath as you enjoy the rustic surroundings. The steam rising into the air gives the experience a magical feeling. During winter, look out for the Northern Lights above as you soak in the Secret Lagoon’s warm water. There is a walking trail around the Secret Lagoon perfect for viewing the natural hot springs in the area. Just make sure you wear walking shoes as the trail can get quite hot. 

One of the best things about the Secret Lagoon is the price. Adult tickets are less than $25 USD and children under 14 are free with a parent. There is also a senior rate, as well. Lockers are included in the price. There is a segregated shower area for men and women, a bar and eating area. Like all of the other natural baths in Iceland, you must shower nude before entering the pool. 


Krauma is Iceland’s newest natural bath. This natural geothermal spa is located at Deildartunguhver in western Iceland approximately 60 miles from Reykjavík. Krauma offers five natural geothermal baths and a cold tub for a refreshing dip afterward. There is also a relaxation room where you can rest by the fireplace and listen to soothing music. Krauma also has two steam baths .These baths are located in separate buildings and feature outdoor showers. High-quality scented oils are added to the steam to enhance your experience. Prices are just over $31 USD for adults. Teenagers 13 to 16 years old are $16 USD each and children under 12 are free. Krauma is open all year round. There is a restaurant on site that serves Icelandic cuisine using ingredients from local farms. 

We hope this gives you a few ideas of nice geothermal pools to check out during your stay. Tell us in the comments which one you would most like to visit!


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