Christmas is getting closer, and that means that the Yule Lads are about to show up. In fact, tonight the children of Iceland will put their shoe in the window, and the first of the lads comes down from the mountains in the wee hours tomorrow morning and places small presents in them.

Over the next 13 days we are going to tell you about each of these Yule Lads, their quirks and funny ways, and allow you to count down the days to Christmas with us, the same way as the children of Iceland. Follow along with us every day until Christmas.

This first episode is about the Yule Lads’ parents, the nasty trolls Grýla and Leppalúði, who eat naughty children, and also about the Yule Cat, which is even nastier.

Tomorrow we will start with the first Yule Lad, who will be fresh down from the mountains. Don’t miss that one!

Bless bless!

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