Episode 15 – Spoon-Licker: The 4th Yule Lad

It’s time to hide away your spoons, because Spoon-Licker is in town. He is a licker of spoons. As the name implies. Ahem. Spoon-Licker is a skinny guy who lurks around and licks leftovers from wooden spoons. He’s malnourished, obviously, because spoon licking is not a very healthy diet. We hope you enjoy today’s Yule […]

Episode 14 – Stubby: The Third Yule Lad

Look, no spoilers, but today’s Yule Lad is not tall. I won’t say he’s short, but he’s a bit short. Stubby, you might say. Make sure you listen to this episode, because it’s surprisingly wonderful. Or just the regular silliness, maybe. Not too long, either. You might even say it’s… Short. See what I did […]

Episode 13 – Gully Gawk: The Second Yule Lad

Today’s Yule Lad is Gully Gawk. He has a grey head and steals milk. And as we discover, this part of the story of the Yule Lads has a bit of romance in it, too, so don’t miss it. As always, if you share this episode with your friends, that helps a lot, and of […]

Episode 12 – Sheep Cote Clod: The First Yule Lad

The first Yule Lad came to town last night! He put a present in the shoes of good children, and maybe a rotten potato in the shoe of naughty children. Unless he told his mother on them and she ate them. That’s right, it’s terrible. The first Yule Lad is Sheep Cote Clod. He’s a […]

Episode 10 – Fenrir the Giant Wolf

Episode 10 The Binding of the Giant Wolf Fenrir

This week we bring you a story from Norse Mythology, about the binding of the giant wolf Fenrir. We also tell you a bit about the names of days as they relate to mythology. This is not an episode you want to miss. The Icelandic word of the week is: Krambúleraður. It’s a wonderful word. […]

Episode 9 – The Icelandic Beer Prohibition

The Icelandic Beer Prohibition

This week we have a bit of history. Did you know that beer was illegal in Iceland for most of the 20th century? Well, it’s absolutely true, and on this week’s episode we’re going to tell you all about it. It’s a completely bizarre story, and we’re sure you’ll love it. The Icelandic Word of […]

Episode 8 – The Wise Man And The Seal

Sæmundur fróði and the seal

This time we have an absolutely 100% true story of a medieval priest, Sæmundur fróði (the knowledgeable) who beat the devil (literally) to win a race. It’s a fun one. We also introduce the Icelandic word of the week. It’s an interesting and extremely Icelandic word. You don’t want to miss it. Thanks for listening! […]

Episode 7 – The Creation Myth From Norse Mythology

The Creation Myth From Norse Mythology

In the beginning there was murder. And then the Norse gods created the world after butchering a giant. Seriously. You need to hear this, it’s wild. Check out our web site for more information about us. Find us on Facebook. Find us on Instagram. Bless bless!

Episode 6 – Búkolla the Magic Cow: An Icelandic Fairy Tale

Búkolla the Magic Cow - An Icelandic Fairy Tale

This is another very famous story in Iceland. It’s about a magical cow that is stolen by two troll sisters, and an unnamed peasant boy who needs to go after them. Check out our web site for more information about us. Find us on Facebook. Find us on Instagram. Bless bless!