How Expensive Is Iceland?

How expensive is Iceland?

Iceland is not cheap. So if you’re planning a trip here, make sure you know how much it is likely to cost you. You need to set realistic expectations. Below you’ll find a handy widget that will give you ballpark estimations of what your stay in Iceland might cost, depending your style of travel.

The Golden Circle – All You Need To Know

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is the most popular area to tour in Iceland. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, it is very close to Reykjavik, so you can see all of it in less than a day. And second, it is truly magnificent.

Tips For Seeing The Northern Lights In Iceland

Tips For Seeing The Northern Lights in Iceland

The Northern Lights are pretty cool. Like big, bright curtains dancing in the sky. I grew up watching them, and they still fill me with wonder every single time. I totally get why some people travel all the way to our little country at the edge of the world to see them. But they can […]

Great Places To See Close To Reykjavik

The Golden Circle

Reykjavik is a great city to visit, in my obviously completely impartial opinion. I happen to love my city and many of the fun things you can do in it. However, there are great things to do outside the city, of course. And while I think you could certainly have a great time staying in […]

Icelandic Music

Icelandic Music

Iceland is a fun place for music fans. Icelandic music is pretty great, in my (obviously impartial) opinion. There is a great wealth of music published in Iceland every year, and music is a big export in Iceland. I’m sure you’ve all heard of famous Icelandic artists like Björk and Sigur Rós. And I decided […]

Things to Avoid in Iceland

Things to avoid in Iceland

Anywhere you travel there are always things you need to avoid. Depending on where you go, there are different concerns and things to watch out for. Iceland is, of course, no exception. So here is a list of a few things to avoid in Iceland.

Icelandic Literature

Icelandic Literature

I believe that literature is the real Icelandic heritage. That is the one thing that has been preserved throughout the ages, unlike most of the stuff the tourist shops try to pass off as traditionally Icelandic. About 10% of Icelanders have published books (myself included, in fact). Icelandic literature is a source of great pride […]

Icelandic Beer

Icelandic Beer

The craft beer movement has exploded in Iceland in the past decade. We’ve gone from having one or two craft breweries to having over 20 of them. The quality has skyrocketed at the same time, and of course the number of craft bars has shot up at the same time. Icelandic beer is now world […]

The Best Restaurants in Reykjavik

Best Restaurants in Reykjavik

Reykjavik has a wealth of great restaurants. There are places to suit all tastes and preferences. This list is for those who want to have a real culinary adventure. This is not the list for people who want to save money when they go out. I’ve written a different list for that. This list is […]

Best Restaurants in Reykjavik On a Budget

We all need to eat. Even when we are on vacation. It is of course cheaper if you shop at some of the cheaper supermarkets and cook for yourself. But sometimes we want to treat ourselves, right? I mean, what are vacations for? Restaurants in Iceland can get pretty expensive though. But fear not – […]