A Vegan Guide to Iceland

It is Veganuary! All over the world, the vegan message is being spread, for health, environmental and ethical reasons, and we at Follow Me are delighted to be a part of that. For that reason, we are honored to present a guest post by Corina Onet from Chef’s Pencil, about the rise of veganism in […]

The Icelandic Yule Lads

Christmas is just around the corner. In Iceland, that means a lot of things. It means eating a lot, of course, and exchanging presents. Trees and lights, of course. Like in the other nordic countries, our main celebration takes place on December 24, not the 25 like in most places. But the thing that sets […]

The Best Natural Baths in Iceland 

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has plenty of natural hot baths to enjoy thanks to its location over vast reservoirs of naturally heated water. Iceland’s geothermal pools and natural hot springs can be enjoyed year round no matter what the weather. Many of these natural baths are located in stunningly beautiful areas. The […]

The Best Travel Accessories For A Trip To Iceland

Must have travel accessories

Packing for a trip to Iceland is not like packing for other trips. Depending on the season, your travel bag will probably include things that you might not take on other trips. Read on to discover the essential travel accessories for Iceland. Mini Daypack A mini daypack can come in very handy on a trip […]

The Blue Lagoon: Must-Visit or Tourist Trap?

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular sights. Almost everyone who visits our little island spends some time at the Blue Lagoon. The popular geothermal spa made National Geographic’s Wonders of the World List. It was among the 25 places in the world that are amazing natural wonders, according to the popular travel […]

Best Hotels In Reykjavik

Best Hotels In Reykjavik

Finding the best hotels in Reykjavik can be a bit of a headache. There are quite a few options, after all. And this is, unfortunately, one of the areas where I’m not the best source of information, because I’ve never stayed at a hotel in Reykjavik, since I was born and raised here, and have […]

What To Wear In Iceland

What To Wear In Iceland

Iceland is not warm. The clue is in the name. So packing right is crucial to make sure your enjoyment on our fair island is not diminished by the cold. We have a saying here: There is no such thing as bad weather – only improper clothing. And there’s a lot of truth in that. […]

Top 10 Museums In Reykjavik

Top 10 Museums in Reykjavik

Reykjavik has a number of great museums. I think no visit to Reykjavik is complete without visiting at least one or two of these. So here is a list the top 10 museums in Reykjavik, in my opinion. I hope these come in handy when planning your visit. The National Museum of Iceland The National […]

The Perfect Way To Spend 3 Days in Reykjavik – 3 Day Itinerary

Reykjavik 3 day itinerary

Reykjavik might be a small city, but there are tons of things to do. In fact, even though it’s very easy to fill your time with lots of interesting day tours outside the city, you can absolutely fill 3 days in Reykjavik alone. In fact, I decided to put together an example of how three […]

Your Game Of Thrones Travel Guide For Iceland

Game Of Thrones

Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? It’s got everything. Dragons, giants, refugees finding a way to get through a wall… What’s not to love? As most people know, many scenes in the popular HBO series are filmed on location in Iceland. It’s no big surprise. Iceland’s landscape is varied and other-worldly, and has been very […]