Episode 25 – A father of 18 from the world of elves

The podcast is back after a bit of a hiatus, and today we have a really weird story about elves. This is a truly bizarre one! Check out our web site for more information about us. Find us on Facebook. Find us on Instagram. Support the show

A Vegan Guide to Iceland

It is Veganuary! All over the world, the vegan message is being spread, for health, environmental and ethical reasons, and we at Follow Me are delighted to be a part of that. For that reason, we are honored to present a guest post by Corina Onet from Chef’s Pencil, about the rise of veganism in […]

Episode 24 – Candle-Beggar: The 13th Yule Lad

Merry Christmas! (Well, here in the Nordic countries, it’s Christmas.) Candle-Beggar is the last of the Yule Lads! He eats candles, for some reason. Listen to find out more! Thank you so much for being a part of Follow Me Iceland for this year. We truly appreciate you, and we hope you’ll keep listening. Thanks […]

Episode 23 – Meat-Hook: The 12th Yule Lad

Hide away your legs of smoked lamb, because Meat-Hook, the 12th yule lad is in town, and he’s getting ready to steal your meat! This is the second to last episode of our Christmas series about the yule lads. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the very last one of these. Thanks so much […]

Episode 22 – Door-Sniffer: The 11th Yule Lad

If peeping through windows wasn’t weird enough for you with yesterday’s yule lad, Window-Peeper, today’s lad is all about sniffing doors. Well, doorways, to be fair. Listen to find out all about Door-Sniffer, the 11th Yule Lad. Don’t forget to share and subscribe. We will forever love you for it.

Episode 21 – Window-Peeper: The 10th Yule Lad

The creep meter is raised a bit with today’s yule lad: Window Peeper. This dude creeps around and peeps into people’s windows. However, as you’ll see during the episode, it’s not all creepy – he’s actually possible the most clever of the lot. Listen to today’s episode to hear why. Don’t forget to share and […]

Episode 20 – Sausage-Swiper: The 9th Yule Lad

This is one of our favorite Yule Lad. He steals sausages, and his name is Sausage-Swiper. And any sausage lover is fine by us. Today’s episode is brought to you by sausages. (Please, sausage makers, sponsor us – send us free sausages!) Remember to subscribe and leave a review!

Episode 19 – Skyr-Gobbler: The 8th Yule Lad

Have you ever heard of Skyr? It’s a cross between yoghurt and soft cheese, and it’s a traditional Icelandic food. It’s truly delicious. And the 8th Yule Lad, Skyr-Gobbler, agrees. He’s all about dairy. In today’s episode of the podcast we tell you all about Skyr-Gobbler, and Eyvi has a huge problem with saying the […]

Episode 18 – Door-Slammer: The 7th Yule Lad

You might not have slept very well last night, because Door-Slammer was making a racket! This mischievous Yule Lad is not so much about the thieving, as most of his brothers, but mainly enjoys making noise and disturbing people’s sleep. He’s just a jerk! We hope you enjoy today’s episode.

Episode 17 – Bowl-Licker: The 6th Yule Lad

Back in the day, the people of Iceland would generally eat out of a special bowl, called “askur,” which were carved wooden bowls with lids. Each person had their own bowl, and would keep them by their beds. Bowl-Licker, the 6th Yule Lad, hides under people’s beds and licks their bowls. He’s a creepy fellow. […]