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Best Restaurants in Reykjavik On a Budget


We all need to eat. Even when we are on vacation. It is of course cheaper if you shop at some of the cheaper supermarkets and cook for yourself. But sometimes we want to treat ourselves, right? I mean, what are vacations for? Restaurants in Iceland can get pretty expensive though. But fear not – your friends at Follow Me are here for you. Whether you want the famous Icelandic hot dog, traditional dishes, fast food or amazing, modern seafood, all at a reasonable price we’ve got you covered. We try to stay on top of the best restaurants in Reykjavik, and here is a list of some of our favorite places to eat that won’t break the bank.

Icelandic Street Food

When you visit Iceland you should try out some traditional food (unless you are a vegetarian – there is no traditional vegetarian dish in Iceland). The best place for traditional, Icelandic dishes, by far, is Icelandic Street Food, in Lækjargata. They offer a very simple menu at great prices. If you order the lamb or shellfish soup you get a free refill! They have bread bowls for the soups, which are very filling. The place is pretty small, but they also own a bar, a couple of doors down, Icelandic Craft Bar, where you can have a seat and a drink with your food. This is one of the best deals you can get on food, and it’s very tasty. In fact, the restaurant has been awarded as the best cheap restaurant in Reykjavik, and it’s the number one rated cheap restaurant in Iceland on TripAdvisor. Highly recommended.

Icelandic Hot Dog

Bæjarins bestu – the real Icelandic hot dog

The Icelandic hot dog is unique. Your visit won’t be complete without trying it out. And there is a reason why Bæjarins beztu pylsur (The Best Hot Dogs in Town) has been around since 1937. It is the oldest hot dog stand in Iceland, and if you want a real Icelandic hot dog you really must get it here. The stand has been owned and operated by the same family since the beginning, and now the fourth generation is running it. There are certainly other places to get hot dogs, but Bæjarins bestu is really the place to get it. Hot dogs are the cheapest meal you can buy in Iceland, and Bæjarins bestu is the place to get the real Icelandic hot dog.

Best restaurants in Reykjavik


Alright, we’re moving firmly into greasy fast food territory now. Hlölli is a classic sandwich place, with good prices and truly greasy food. A favorite with drunk Icelanders for decades, this is a must visit for anybody who truly wants to soak in the Icelandic culture. If you are at all health conscious, you should give this place a wide berth. However, if you want to try the best greasy sandwich in Reykjavik, especially if you are a bit hung over, this is a… Well, let’s call it an interesting experience. And budget friendly.

Best restaurants in Reykjavik


Everybody likes to have some ethnic food every now and again, right? Well, in Reykjavik we have a great Syrian place in the downtown area.

Mandi is a wonderful place, and one of my personal favorites. It’s very tasty and reasonably priced. I highly recommend trying it out, if you want to change things up from the more Icelandic selections.

The Best Restaurants in Reykjavik

This is only a small selection of places, but these are our favorite spots to eat on a budget. There are, of course, also many great places where you can splurge a bit more, and we have another list of those.

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