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Best Hotels In Reykjavik


Finding the best hotels in Reykjavik can be a bit of a headache. There are quite a few options, after all. And this is, unfortunately, one of the areas where I’m not the best source of information, because I’ve never stayed at a hotel in Reykjavik, since I was born and raised here, and have been lucky enough to have a place to stay every night (knock on wood).

But there are great sources available, so I did a lot of research, to save you the trouble, and here are the some of the highest rated hotels in Reykjavik that I have found. I went around and looked at the rankings on various sites, read a whole bunch of reviews, and tried to find the ones I agreed with, based on my own knowledge. They come in at various price points, and they are all very nice, so no matter your budget or your preferences, you should find something to suit your needs here. The ratings and ranking go up and down all the time on the various booking and rating sites, of course, so these are in no particular order. They’re just 10 hotels that I have absolute faith in.

Note that if you choose to book any of these through the links below, we get a small commission that helps us keep this blog up and running, and we would be eternally grateful if you choose to do so. ?

Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel

Hotel Eyja is located just past the end of Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik. It is, in my opinion, the perfect location if you want to be within walking distance to anything you need, but not be smack in the middle of downtown. It takes you maybe 15 minutes to walk down the shopping street to the starting location of our Free Walking Tour, so this is very central, even if it’s not in the middle of downtown.

The hotel is located next to Hlemmur Mathöll, which is a wonderful food court with great little restaurants to suit any taste.

Eyja is owned by a couple with years of experience in the hospitality business, and the atmosphere is warm, cozy and personal.

41 – A Townhouse Hotel

If you want a bit more luxury, and to be right in the middle of the downtown area, 41 might be the hotel for you. Located on Laugavegur, the shopping street, you are close to everything the city center has to offer. The rooms have kitchen areas, so if you want to save a bit on eating out and cook your own food, this is a great choice. The hotel is located close to Bónus, the cheapest supermarket in the downtown area, so that is convenient. The room might cost a bit more than at Eyja, but you can make it up by cooking your own food, if you like.

Canopy By Hilton – Reykjavik City Center

Canopy is a fairly new hotel, right off Laugavegur, that is pretty unique. It is located in several old buildings that have been renovated and connected together, so while the entrance looks and feels very modern, it is comprised of old and interesting spaces, and from what I hear it’s fun if a little confusing in its layout.

The location is of course amazing, and judging by the reviews, the included breakfast is delicious. I have spoken with quite a few visitors of the hotel on our walking tours, and people seem to be very happy with it.

Hotel Holt

Hotel Holt is a sort of a classic. It’s been around for quite a while, and the bar there is even a sort of a hangout for locals, which is a bit rare in hotels in Iceland these days.

It is an intimate hotel, not too big, and it’s located on a quiet side street in the downtown area. So it should be a bit quieter than staying on the main street, but it’s still located in the very center.

Reykjavik Residence Suites

Another great place with small apartments and fully equipped kitchens. The price tag goes up a bit from a single room, of course, but again, you can save a lot of money by cooking your own meals instead of dining out, at least some of the time.

The location is again great. This is on Hverfisgata, the street just below Laugavegur, so it’s smack in the center. Be mindful, though, that due to the location, this area could get pretty noisy at night during the weekends. If that concerns you, you might want to look at the ones located a bit further out from the very center.

Reykjavik4You Apartments Hotel

This is a pretty recent addition to the hotel market in Reykjavik, and it looks pretty good to me. They have twenty new apartments, and offer all kinds of great services, such as pick up, car rental, free parking and more. The hotel is centrally located, but not right on the main streets, so it should be quieter, and judging by the reviews I’ve read they do a great job. Also looks reasonably priced for what they offer, and they seem to have very personal and intimate service. It’s a family run company, and although I haven’t had any experience with them, they look really solid to me.

Kvosin Downtown Hotel

Kvosin is a boutique luxury hotel in the very center of the downtown area. It is located right next to the Parliament. The price tag here is more extravagant than most on this list, and as you would expect, it’s more luxurious as well. The building is a classic that has recently been renovated, and it looks stunning. The rooms are very Scandinavian, and they feature artwork by local artists.

The design looks great, and there are decks in the back of the building, private and public, where guests can take in the midnight sun or the northern lights. It looks to be spacious and very nice.

Reykjavik Residence Hotel

The bold claim of the Reykjavik Residence Hotel is that it feels more like a home away from home than a hotel. They have small apartments for visitors, and judging by the pictures it certainly looks very comfortable. They offer regular apartments and luxury suites, and they are located very centrally, in historical buildings, although the apartments are quite new. Judging by the pictures, the prices are very reasonable for what you get, and the reviews are stellar.

Black Pearl – Reykjavik Finest Apartments

This is the high end, but you get what you pay for. The Black Pearl is in a prime location, and the apartments are large and luxurious. The luxury apartments measure 115 square meters (about 1240 square feet) and the regular ones are 75 square meters (about 807 square feet), so you should have plenty of space.

It is a 5 star hotel, and the reputation is immaculate. The service is reportedly stellar, and you really get all you would want in a home away from home.

The Swan House

Another boutique apartment hotel, this one located in a quiet side street just off the main shopping street. Again, wonderful location, and all the amenities you would need, including a small kitchen. This is great, since they don’t include breakfast. Also, as mentioned previously, you can save money by cooking your own meals.

The area is nice and quiet, and it looks like a quality hotel.

Stay at one of the best hotels in Reykjavik!

Well, I hope you’ve gotten some value out of this little list. As mentioned previously, the ratings and rankings change all the time, but I’m confident that this list should be solid moving forward. And if anything changes, I will update this post. Also, if you want to do more research on your own, below this post you’ll find a map where you can explore all the hotels in the city based on your preferred location.

As always, we look forward to seeing you in Iceland. Now what are you waiting for? Book your hotel from the list above, and come see us when you arrive!



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