Follow Me was founded around Free Walking Tour Reykjavik, the original and funniest tour of its kind in Iceland. A couple of us took the walking tours over from a friend of ours and soon decided we wanted to expand and do more to help visitors to Iceland find interesting things to do. So we started a new company around it and Follow Me was born.

Since then we have shown thousands of guests around Reykjavik and helped countless others to find their dream tours through our partner companies.

Meet Our Guides


Eyvindur, or Eyvi, is a musician, director, actor and comedian. Eyvi loves great beer, food and music, so if you want tips on the best craft beer, restaurants and music in town, be sure to ask him. He loves to tell stories and jokes, especially if they involve vikings or nordic gods. His tours are informative, lighthearted and always fun. You can get a couple of his songs for free, if you click here!


Bjarni is a technical engineer and an entertainer. With a passion for music and comedy, he is also a magician. Bjarni is passionate about Norse mythology and Icelandic heritage and sports a good knowledge of modern culture and philosophy. You will probably learn something fun and new on his tour. Having been a full time entertainer in Iceland for the last 20 years he brings a certain new and fresh look on Reykjavik and its history. You can find some of his amazing comedy and more on YouTube if you click here.


Þórhallur or Thor is a stand up comedian. He was voted the “Funniest Man of Iceland” in 2007. He is silly, entertaining and funny. He loves his city and after his tour you will probably love it too. Þórhallur has a Facebook page where he shares his comedy with the world. We think you should like it. Click here to visit him.