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We are Icelandic storytellers on a mission to entertain and delight as many visitors as we can, in real life and virtually. We hope you'll come along on our storytelling tour.

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What we do

We are entertainers

We love telling stories about our weird little country and we want you to come along, whether you're actually in Iceland, or a virtual visitor. We are here to make your day more enjoyable, and hopefully have a few laughs along the way.

Free Walking Tour

We have been running the original Free Walking Tour Reykjavik since 2012, and we're pretty proud of it.

The Follow Me Podcast

We run a weekly podcast where we tell funny and interesting Icelandic and Nordic stories, from myths to historic facts (but all true, of course).

The Blog

Our blog page is home to a lot of great trips for travelers, whether you're coming to Iceland or visiting other places.

why we do it

We are passionate about Iceland

We like our little island and think it's fun and often very funny, and we want to share our love with you.

We love meeting new people, we love telling stories and jokes, and we love to entertain. We hope you'll check out all the stuff we've been working on and posting through the years.

Contact Information

Find us here: Vesturgata 12b


Phone: +354 868 9742