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The Best Natural Baths in Iceland 

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has plenty of natural hot baths to enjoy thanks to its location over vast reservoirs of naturally heated water. Iceland’s geothermal pools and natural hot springs can be enjoyed year round no matter what the weather. Many of these natural baths are located in stunningly beautiful areas. The...
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The Best Travel Accessories For A Trip To Iceland

Packing for a trip to Iceland is not like packing for other trips. Depending on the season, your travel bag will probably include things that you might not take on other trips. Read on to discover the essential travel accessories for Iceland. Mini Daypack A mini daypack can come in very handy on a trip...
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Follow Me is a travel blog and tour operator focused on providing entertainment and wonderful tours, and partnering with the best tour providers to bring you the best experience possible during your visit to Iceland.

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Follow Me is owned by two Icelandic guys who love nothing more than meeting people from all over the world and helping them make the most of their time in Iceland.


  • Had a great time. We learned a lot of interesting facts about Reykjavik and we enjoyed every minute of the tour. The guide made a lot of jokes and had a lot of cool information. Must try!

    Irina Alexandra
  • We’ve done a number of walking tours, including those of Edinburgh, Cardiff, York, Rome, Istanbul, Austin, Copenhagen, etc. Sometimes, things go wrong: the tour guide’s English is questionable; there are so many tourists you can barely hear the guide squeak; the tour is overly educational and therefore boring; the tour is too entertaining and by the end of it you are as clueless about the place in question as before the walk started. This tour, however, avoids all these traps and strikes a perfect balance. The language level and the humour, the size of the groups and the tour guide’s knowledgeability make this walk a delightful showcase of edutainment. Actually, while writing this review, I’ve realized I don’t know how long the tour was: one hour, one hour and a half, two hours? You just don’t notice time go by. Bravo!

    Yuriy Intelehator
  • One of the best free walking tours i had ever had. And i take them all the time i travel. A lot of fun, humour, very easily understandable. Eyvi is so great that he gave a lot of information by Facebook also, answered all questions me and my friends had. U know, that after some time facts u hear during tours dissapear but Eyvi’s stories easy to remember. Every fact about Icelandic way of living was wrapped in a fun story and saying Þetta reddast got stuck in our minds forever. We used it not once. Thanx and keep doing it. We wish u a lot of energy.

    Karolina Stazyte
  • I stumbled about this walking tour in Reykjavik straight from the airport last June 25th, I was debating if I should or should not since I was so tired from flight and hungry. Luckily I did! Very informative and the guide was funny as hell! Made a good start of my long week in iceland memorable and started to suggest it to other travelers in my hotel.

    Bryan Benito
  • Great walking tour – I’d recommend doing it at the start of your trip as they recommend LOADS of great things to do and see.

    Georgie Palmer
  • Our family of 4 ( kids aged 15 and 12) all thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Thor. It was our first full day in Iceland and was really informative, humorous and educational. The kids were engaged from start to finish and because Thor kept us laughing we all retained the info. Lots of useful tips were gleaned for the rest of our trip too, highly recommend early in your visit to Reykjavík. Thanks guys.

  • We are a family of 4. My 13 and 9 year old kids were not enthused about a walking tour, but they came around very quickly once we began. We are not generally “tour” people and prefer to explore places on our own. I’m so glad we did this tour. It’s only an hour and a half and it was informative and amusing. We wouldn’t and couldn’t have learned the history, culture or architecture without this tour. Just do it – you’ll be glad you did.

  • Our guide Eyvindur (a musician and comedian) gave us a humourous and informative tour around central Reykjavik. The tour lasts around 1,5 hours and also covers cool locations that are not easily spotted when walking around on your own in Reykjavik.

    A TripAdvisor User
  • We stumbled upon the departure of the free walking of Reykjavík by pure coincidence. We are very glad we did. Our tour was extremely well done. It was as informative as it was highly entertaining. Thor was an amazing guide. His recommendations and tips helped shape the rest of our time here in Iceland and we are loving every minute of it. Great tour!

    Kevin N
  • Had a fantastic evening exploring the “Golden Beer Circle” with the guys from Free Walking Tour Reykjavik. They were clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about Iceland and its beers. They presented lots of information about the beers and breweries, interspersed with historical titbits, Icelandic folk tales, humorous anecdotes and even a song!

  • My husband and I signed up for this “tour” last week and were so glad we did! Eyvi was very responsive to our emails, and was such a great host with a lot of local knowledge. If you like beer and stories, consider signing up for this one!

    Gwenith M
  • What a great way to spend an evening! Got a tasty beer trip round Iceland with loads of stories and folklore. The beer was delicious and presented in a unique manor – my favourite was the Irish Red. Our host was very knowledgeable and entertaining. We even took his advice and picked up some local beer at the airport to enjoy back in Belfast. Staff at the bar were also very welcoming. I would definitely recommend this as a way to spend the evening.

  • Very informative fun and a great selection of Icelandic beers. Highly recommend not to be missed. I went with my partner and we met a lovely lady from America. Great way to meet people and learn about the Icelandic culture. Definitely a tour to book

  • We were late for our ‘tour’ b/c I misread the military time. Eyvindur was gracious enough to send an email and also wait for us. Did a special summarized version. He is super nice and funny! Tasted at least 6 different beers with a bit of history behind each one. We were informed of the breweries on the island as well.